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Plans for Fedex megahub hit up in the Lehigh Valley

Published On: Aug 06 2014 11:20:45 AM EDT   Updated On: Jul 24 2014 12:51:08 AM EDT
FedEx delivery truck

If the FedEx mega hub project is to become reality in the Lehigh Valley Area, then several things will need to fall in place before the plant opens in 2016.

Top on the project list is widening road infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic volume on roads in the area.

To that effect, state funding to the tune of $5million from the Governor's Transportation Fund has been made available to help make the needed road improvements a reality.


According to Ronald Young of PennDOT, the transportation funding is used to spur economic development by helping to offset the costs of road improvements associated with a development project.

Though the amount provided by the Governor's office is a fraction of the $35-$40million anticipated cost needed for the road project, it signifies high level approval for the FedEx project.

Such a gesture could serve to spur reluctant stakeholders to warm up to the project.

Allen Township supervisors, Tuesday deferred some decisions and resolutions concerning the project to a future meeting in spite of the looming deadline.

Alfred Pierce, an Allen Township supervisor, did not see the need for urgent decisions, because, said he, “This is a two year project at a minimum. I don’t think we need to make a motion tonight.”

Some Allen Twp. residents also continue to challenge the readiness of the project, but the gesture from State Capital may help thaw minds, as it illustrates an "all hands on deck" approach to getting the project ready for the 2016 anticipated open.