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Plainfield Twp. supervisors honor the crew that saved a township man’s life

Published On: Aug 23 2013 08:00:39 AM EDT

Some Northampton County emergency responders were recognized Thursday night for their life-saving efforts.

The Plainfield Twp. supervisors honored members of the fire department and emergency medical services unit who sprang into action when a township resident, Joe Hull, collapsed at the Farmer’s Fair on July 27. Hull thanked the squad who he said saved his life.

“I was dead to the ground,” said Hull, 70, whose heart stopped after he started dancing with his wife, Ronnie. Hull had gone to the fair to see the tractor pull and had just had French fries when his wife said, “let’s dance.”


“That’s the last thing I remember,” he said. Doctors at St. Luke’s Hospital later gave Hull a pacemaker.

He said doctors told him he was one of the lucky ones.

A.J. Olszewski, an EMS captain, said Hull was lucky there were trained medical personnel there when he collapsed.

“If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here today,” Hull said at Thursday night’s meeting. He said their professionalism and persistence saved his life.

Besides Olszewski, the supervisors honored Adam Farace, Chad Imboden, Carol Reid, Ray Hout, Nick Ponnett, Drayce Kern, Alex Keenhold, Seth Yahres, Harry Sexton and Dan Weber.