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Pinewood Derby rolls through Allentown

By 69 News, follow: @69news,
Published On: Mar 09 2014 05:59:37 AM CDT

Pinewood Derby


The annual Trexler District Pinewood Derby was held Saturday in Allentown.

More then 200 boy scouts from 22 packs came out for the competition.

The Cub Scouts spent weeks designing their cars, and it all came down to Saturday.

Some 55 derby cars took part in the race.

Trophies were awarded for first place, best design, most colorful, best scout theme, most patriotic, and most unusual.

Here are the trophy winners:

Best Design: Name: Jimi Reckling
Car #14 Rank: Webelos2 Pack #431

Most Colorful: Name: Stavros Marangos
Car #52 Rank: Tiger Pack #31

Best Scout Theme: Name: Andrew Taskalos
Car #12 Rank: Webelos1 Pack #431

Most Patriotic: Name: Charlie Morton
Car #20 Rank: Wolf Pack #439

Most Unusual: Name: Aidan Mathieu
Car #30 Rank: Webelos1 Pack #5

Judges Award: Name: Drew Schmidt
Car #50 Rank: Webelos1 Pack #86

5th Place: Name: Ryan Sexton
Car #10 Rank: Webelos2 Pack #431

4th Place: Name: Aidan Tarafas
Car #43 Rank: Webelos1 Pack #80

3rd Place: Name: Stone Crocus
Car #1 Rank: Wolf Pack #146

2nd Place: Name: Hunter Wentz
Car #41 Rank: Webelos1 Pack #80

1st Place: Name: Logan Hoffman
Car #15 Rank: Webelos2 Pack #146