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People love new outdoor space at Mayfair

Published On: May 24 2013 07:09:07 PM EDT

People love the new indoor space at Mayfair


It's been the talk of Mayfair so far.

A new location at the Allentown Fairgrounds and an indoor venue.

Some are calling it a big change from Cedar Beach Park and vendors say they don't have to worry about bad weather.


Some vendors tell me location makes all the difference.

"It's beautiful in here," added Dennis Wildnauer, owner of Cornerstone Forge. "Very warm, pleasant. Very nice to be inside on a day like today."

Some vendors say last year after the bad weather during the Mayfair festival they thought about not coming back.

In fact, Wildnauer, skipped the last three years because of the weather.

"Not wanting to deal with the mud and the rain and when they moved it and I heard that there was indoor spaces I was all over it," said Wildnauer.

There is a music stage inside, and a lot of other art.

But not everything is inside for the 2013 Mayfair Festival.

The new space at the Allentown Fair Grounds is a little larger than Cedar Beach Park.

Organizers are hoping for big crowds this weekend and some of the early festival goes say the new space will help that.

 "I think the weather clearly will affect whether people go out or not. If they know they can go out, but they are going to be inside," said Mark Riley, from Allentown. "I think you are going to have a better draw."

The festival opens at 10 a.m each day.

It will close 9:30 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Then on Monday the festival is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.