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Pennsylvania State Police release guidelines for school safety

Published On: Dec 10 2013 10:23:19 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 11 2013 06:06:37 AM EST

Pennsylvania State Police release school safety report

December 14th will mark one year since the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It's a reminder of the vulnerability schools and children face and Pennsylvania State Police want to make sure students are as safe as possible.

Pennsylvania State Police released a school safety report Tuesday with guidelines for school administrators to consider implementing, if they haven't already done so.

"We released this report after seeing some of the findings of our risk and vulnerability assessment team. This team travels across the state and does risk assessments at various schools and universities," said Trooper Adam Reed.


"We released this report to provide a set of guidelines and a toolbox, per se, for educators and school administration throughout Pennsylvania."

The report goes into detail on several topics and makes recommendations including having predetermined positions and teams for faculty and staff in case of an emergency and having some form of a security force, whether it be armed or unarmed private security or a school resource officer.

The report also stressed the importance of having a modern access control system in place like a card reader or punch code system.

It also recommends having a web-based closed circuit television system to monitor different areas including hallways, stairways, parking areas and common areas.

The web-based aspect will allow it to be monitored from an off-site location.

"It couldn't hurt for them to take a look at the report and find something perhaps that they didn't think of or something that they could implement and just didn't realize it," said Trooper Reed.

"Our risk and vulnerability assessment team would come out free of charge upon request and conduct one of these assessments at your school or campus and provide you with a confidential set of suggestions to enhance your building security," he added.

School officials who are interested scheduling an assessment can call 717-346-4085.

Read the entire Pennsylvania State Police school safety report here: