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Palmer Township puts teeth in door-to-door salesmen ordinance

Published On: Nov 13 2013 08:34:16 AM EST

Responding to complaints about rude door-to-door peddlers, Palmer Township supervisors Tuesday raised permit fees and gave township police more authority to run them out of town if they annoy residents who have no interest in buying their goods.

The changes to the township ordinance came at the suggestion of police Chief Larry Palmer.

Last summer, Palmer’s department received numerous complaints from residents who were subjected to high-pressure sales tactics from representatives of a cleaning supply company after homeowners made it clear they did not want to buy.


Under the new rules, peddlers’ fees were raised to $25 per day from $20 per day, and $75 per month from $50 per month. Yearly fees were hiked to $750 from $160 per year.

Companies whose licenses are suspended or revoked will lose the license fees if they are sent packing.

The updated ordinance also bans peddling on Sundays and holidays.