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Nicholas Tropiano attacked pregnant girlfriend in bed

Published On: Jul 31 2013 07:37:45 PM EDT


 A man threw an elbow into his pregnant girlfriend's stomach while they were quarreling in bed, sending her to the hospital, officials said.

Nicholas M. Tropiano attacked his girlfriend just after midnight Wednesday while they were arguing in their bed, in a home they share with the woman's mother and stepfather in the 2300 block of Third Street in Wilson.

The woman's 10-year-old boy witnessed the assault, according to officials.


They said Tropiano first hit his girlfriend in the stomach with his elbow, then struck her on the right side of her face and punched her in the right leg.

The woman was taken to the hospital after she told police felt "contraction-like pains" after she was hit in the stomach.

Tropiano told police the argument started when he discovered his girlfriend was on the Internet with her phone trying to find out ways to defeat a DNA test.

Tropiano admitted he threw his elbow at his girlfriend, but claimed he thought he hit her in the arm, officials said.

He also claimed things became physical only after his girlfriend antagonized him by squeezing his face, pinching his side and thigh and taunting him, despite his pleas that she stop.

Tropiano, 22, was arraigned on an assault charge and committed to Northampton County Prison on $5,000 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. Aug. 12.