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More Lehigh Valley businesses will hire in 2014

Published On: Dec 10 2013 07:18:56 PM EST
Kamran Afshar

Kamran Afshar


Lehigh Valley businesses report the largest growth in their plans for hiring since the national recession began in 2007, according to Kamran Afshar, an expert on the local economy.

"Lehigh Valley businesses reported the largest growth in their plans for hiring since before the recession," reported Afshar.

He said only five percent of respondents surveyed in October plan to reduce the number of employees, but "a whopping 23 percent are planning to increase theirs in the next six months."


The Kamran Afshar- Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce survey is a quarterly survey of Lehigh Valley businesses, which collects around 1,000 observations per year.

The results are featured in the Lehigh Valley Employment and Purchasing Index.

In October, the 56th survey in the series was conducted, which recorded the highest level of optimism about the economy among local businesses since July of 2007.

Afshar has a Ph.D in economics and is president of Kamran Afshar Associates, a consulting firm.

"Detailed analysis of the results of our survey of Lehigh Valley businesses, alongside analysis of the GDP, housing market, new orders for consumer durables, and 'strategy notes' for 2014 are  included in the December 2013 issue of The Lehigh Valley Economic Review," said Afshar.

To download a free copy or subscribe to Lehigh Valley Economic Review, go to Afshar's website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on newsletter options.