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Man, left as a baby in McDonald's bathroom, searches for birth mother

Published On: Apr 04 2014 05:15:46 PM EDT

Man searches for birth mother


First it was the "Burger King Baby."  Now meet the "McDonald's Baby."

He's a Northampton County man who was left in a McDonald's bathroom as a newborn.

And just like Katheryn Deprill, he's hoping for a happy ending.


Chris McDonald was named for the place where he was discovered as a newborn.

"I was left in a McDonald's wrapped in a brown plastic bag in a sink. The manager on duty found me that day," said David Volk.

The year was 1977.  The place was Newark New Jersey.

Newspaper articles of what happened say the baby still had his umbilical cord attached and was just hours old.

He was placed in foster care.  His was mother was never found.

David and Ronda Volk started adoption proceedings when he was just a year old.

The Volks changed his name to David and ever since then he has wondered.

"It's hard knowing that that happened to me," said Volk.

He's wondered why he was left in the fast food bathroom.

"Was she young?  You know did she just do it because she was young and she was maybe trying to hide her pregnancy?" said Volk.

Volk, who has lived in Pen Argyl since he was 10, says he never thought he would solve the mystery.

But then he saw a story on 69 News about Katheryn Deprill.

A woman who launched a Facebook campaign to find the birth mother who left her in an Allentown Burger King bathroom.

Deprill found her mother.

Now David is hoping to do the same.

He says there's so much he wants to share with her: growing up with a wonderful family, the joy of meeting his soul mate and the sorrow of losing his adoptive mother just two years ago.

"Please come forward I want to meet and get to know you. I forgive you for whatever you did. You know for why you what your reasons were. I just want to get to know you. And meet you and be a part of your life," said Volk.

Volk says he has reached out to Deprill.

He hopes while they share a common beginning, they will also share a common ending.