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Man faces harassment citation for shoving Bethlehem Catholic wrestling coach

Published On: Feb 14 2014 07:34:06 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 14 2014 11:09:42 PM EST

Police in Bethlehem Township say a man shoved a high school wrestling coach after a match between their sons.


Kevin Fenstermacher, 39, of Bethlehem will be cited with harassment for an incident with the Bethlehem Catholic High School wrestling coach, Jeff Karam.

After their two sons wrestled in a Tuesday night match, Fenstermacher grabbed and shoved Karam, according to Bethlehem Township police.

Fenstermacher told police that Karam said to him, “Hey that was a good match for us, huh?” in a sarcastic tone after their son’s match and that is what brought Fenstermacher over to Karam.


Police say the two men were antagonizing each other during the match.

Karam would see Fenstermacher making gestures at him, including the middle finger and Fenstermacher said Karam would roll his eyes at him and make gestures at him, according to police.

Karam will be issued a citation as soon as police locate his address.

If found guilty, Fenstermacher faces up to $300 plus costs in fines.