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Local Egyptian reacts to military coup

Published On: Jul 03 2013 07:28:59 PM EDT

Locals keep eye on developments

Egyptians living in the Lehigh Valley have been watching developments in their homeland very closely.

"Democracy is a new concept for us and we are trying to learn and we are trying to write a new history," said Kutztown University graduate Ahmed Awadallah.

Awadallah has gotten little sleep lately.


He has been staying up  most nights watching that history unfold in Egypt.

He says his family lives in a small village an hour from Cairo, where protests have spanned the country.

He says Egyptians were elated when they shed the military-led Mubarak regime and held their first democratic elections about a year ago.

But he says President Mohamed Morsy led the country more like a dictatorship than a democracy.

"He has done nothing to really communicate or listen to the people," said Awadallah.

So the people took to the street by the millions. Demanding the president step down. Awadallah says  now that Morsy has stepped down, his country can rebuild its dreams of democracy.

"We fought for our democracy, we fought to have an elected president. However we are fighting for a true democracy, for a true representation of the people," said Awadallah.

Awadallah says while he felt bad about not being home to join his fellow countrymen in their fight for democracy.

He was doing his part for the future of his country by getting his bachelors in Political Science at KU and then his masters in international relations at  the London school of economics.

"I am trying to better educate myself and get a good degree so I can go back home and build a new society," sais Awadallah.