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Lehigh County Republican Committee condemns Joseph Maher who used false address

Published On: May 07 2013 07:54:55 PM EDT   Updated On: May 08 2013 09:25:11 AM EDT

The Lehigh County Republican Committee says it will not support a candidate for district judge who used a client's address as his own to skirt the state's residency requirement.

The Lehigh County Board of Elections ruled Magisterial District Justice candidate Joseph Maher illegally claimed to live at an address in the district where he wanted to run.  According to the Board of Elections, the client alerted authorities to Maher's actions when she noticed his name on her UGI gas bill.

PA Election law requires that Magisterial District Justices must live in their respective district for at least one year prior to them taking office. 


"From time to time, leaders are required to make difficult decisions in order to maintain the integrity of their organization.  Since I have been Chairman, I have been an advocate for free market politics in Lehigh County by urging the LCRC not to endorse candidates during the primary elections.

However, I believe it is most important that we elect judges who have the highest moral character since they are charged with the responsibility for providing a fair and impartial courtroom within their respective election district. It is also incumbent upon us, as Republicans, to condemn any person who uses the Republican name and does not represent themselves or their candidacy with an excellent moral character. Therefore, I find that this is a rare circumstance in which it is my obligation to publicly support a candidate during a contested Primary Election," said Lehigh County Republican Committee Chairman Wayne Woodman.

Woodman said he will endorse Attorney Christy Schlottman who is the only other Republican candidate in that particular Magisterial District Justice race.  Woodman says Schlottman has "a proven track record of excellent moral character and understanding of the law."