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Kavon John Jenkins of Nazareth charged with kidnapping ex-girlfriend

Published On: Jul 16 2013 05:09:24 PM EDT

Kavon John Jenkins of Nazareth is charged with kidnapping his ex-girlfriend in Allentown, biting, punching and tackling her, and taking her to his apartment in Nazareth.

The 19-year-old suspect has been charged by Allentown police with kidnapping, burglary, simple assault and false imprisonment.  He is in Lehigh County Prison. Bail was set at $50,000.

Mariah Kuhn, the victim, told police that she noticed Jenkins' vehicle parked outside when she returned home at 4 a.m. Sunday.


She said Jenkins approached her and took her cell phone, house keys and wallet.  She told police she tried to run away, but Jenkins tackled her in the front yard.

He punched her several times and covered her nose and mouth to stop her from yelling for help, making it difficult for her to breathe

 He then carried Kuhn to his vehicle and drove away. 

In an unidentified store parking lot, she again began to run away from him and he again tackled and punched her, then carried her back to his vehicle. He also bit her.

Jenkins eventually drove the victim to his residence in Nazareth -- 125 Belvidere, Apt. 101 --where she noticed he had her house phone and laptop computer. She said the only way he could have obtained those items was to go into her residence before she arrived home.

The police criminal complaint does not explain how Kuhn got away from Jenkins. Police responding to a report of an abduction and assault in Allentown interviewed the victim at St. Luke's University Hospital in Fountain Hill.

She had visible bruises, swelling and bite marks in several places on her body, which she said were caused by Jenkins.