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IronPigs renovate Little League field

Published On: Apr 18 2014 06:21:19 AM EDT   Updated On: Apr 18 2014 10:37:33 AM EDT

IronPigs renovate kids' field


At East Side Memorial Little League Park in Allentown, they're digging, edging and taking down the backstop tarps.

IronPigs groundsmen and volunteers are creating a field of dreams.

"Each year we try to go out to a different Little League field in the community to do a field renovation project," said IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes.


This is the fourth year the IronPigs have renovated Lehigh Valley Little League fields.

"We have been so blessed to have a successful stadium and ballpark and operation that our staff feels it's important to give back to the community," said Landes.

East Side Memorial has fostered young baseball players for 56 years.

But recently, the park has fallen on tough times.

"We were looking into (different ways of) getting grants or something," said Dawn Kistler, president of the East Side Memorial Little League Board.

But now they need look no further than their own field.

Shovels are removing the rocky dirt and backhoes are replacing it with softer, safer soil.

The clubhouse and concession areas are getting a fresh coat of paint.

"They are down here making a dream come true for our kids," said Kistler.

The kids have no idea this is happening.

"It's kind of a surprise for them. When they come down to play, they are going to see all the changes and stuff like that and it's going to be good for the kids," said Denise Simon, East Side Board secretary.

And good for the park.

In the years to come, the IronPigs will check back with the park, like it does all of its Little League renovations, making sure this field of dreams lasts for generations to come.

"We are over the moon! We can't believe something like this could happen to us," said Kistler.