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Guns down, hot dogs honor Khaliq Al-Shabazz's memory

Published On: May 20 2013 08:06:05 AM EDT   Updated On: May 20 2013 08:07:00 AM EDT

Guns down in Easton


The free hot dogs might've grabbed your attention, but the real focus was on stopping gun violence..

This was the fourth annual Guns Down Community Hot Dog Day in Easton.

It's in memory of Khaliq Al-Shabazz -- an outspoken anti-violence activist -- who was murdered eight years ago.

Before his death, he began the guns down program where folks could come into the fire station or police station and hand in their guns.


He was also known for his community hot dogs days when he would set up his grill and hand out hot dogs.

"The thing that keeps us going to most is that people remember that he gave out the hot dogs so we have to keep his memory alive like that," said organizer Patricia Alford.

Sunday's event was held at 12th and Ferry streets.