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'Great Gatsby' fuels flapper fashion

Published On: May 23 2013 08:53:05 AM EDT

Flapper fashion is back


You've seen the movie, but are you daring enough to wear the clothes? Retailers say retro "flapper" fashions are back, all thanks to "The Great Gatsby."

The film may be fantastic, but in "Gatsby," the fashions are front and center.

"The Roaring 20s were the Roaring 20s," said Rose Ellen Moore, owner of Allentown's RCMoore for the Unique Individual. "They were fabulous."


At Moore's store, sales of 1920s looks are "roaring" back, thanks in part to the Fitzgerald classic.

"Women wanted to be a little bit bad, you know?", said Moore. "Everybody wants to have a headband like Daisy and everybody wants to be flapper-eqse."

We asked Moore to give us a crash course on "Flapper Fashion."

"Everything was very blousey or boxy, and the bottom was very flowy," she said. "Pearls, long pearls. Rhinestones for evening."

And what about those hats?

"They were like a bucket that sat on your head," said Moore. "Your head went very deep into the hat."

It's not just the women who can get in on this. Men can throw on their best zoot suits too.

Brooks Brothers' new Gatsby line for men is seeing strong sales, and the HBO hit "Boardwalk Empire" made Prohibition-era suits trendy again two years ago.

The looks even made an appearance in the 1990s, during the decade's swing dancing craze.

"Things just keep going round and round; they just remake themselves," said Moore.

So if you feel like doing a "jump, jive, and wail," you can find just the threads to do it in style.