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Family: 1st degree murder conviction means Kimberly Cardona can rest in peace

Published On: Aug 19 2013 10:04:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 20 2013 06:27:43 AM EDT

Family: First degree murder conviction means victim can RIP


Jonathan Nuñez, an Allentown man charged in the horrific killing of a Whitehall Township woman on the 4th of July last year, has been found guilty.

Monday afternoon and after a week-long trial, a jury convicted 21-year-old Nuñez of first degree murder.

For the friends and family of the victim, Kimberly Cardona, the pain of having to come to court every day and hear the details of how the 20-year-old was murdered is now over.

"A weight has actually been lifted off my shoulders, now I can sleep at night much better," said Kimberly's brother Jerry Cardona.

“It was a very intense week for the family having to hear all the different pieces but always with the hope that justice would be served,” said Lizzette Hernandez, Kimberly's mother.

The defense was hoping for a third degree murder conviction claiming Nuñez did not intend to kill Cardona and was under the influence.

Prosecutors say Nuñez admitted to beating Cardona after the two had an argument and left her by Lanze Lane in Salisbury Township.

He later returned and slit her throat and it was that action that prosecutors say showed Nuñez had plenty of intent.

“That's what he deserved, first degree murder. It was intentional murder so we're just glad that it's all over and justice was served. Now Kimberly can rest in peace,” said Jetta Vasquez, Kimberly's close friend.

Nuñez faces a mandatory life sentence.

His sentencing hearing has been set for October 9th.