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Facebook page created for site popular for illegal dumping

Published On: May 19 2014 05:29:52 PM EDT

River Drive is a scenic ride along the railroad tracks, but some are trash-talking the view because of illegal dumping.


Several times a week, you will see Charlie Forkas riding his bike down Central Boulevard in Bethlehem, which transitions into River Drive in Allentown.

Forkas said the road may be good for biking, but not so much for sightseeing.

"Mattresses, bags of garbage, construction waste," said Forkas.


Despite "no dumping" signs and surveillance cameras, trash is everywhere. It's a problem that is so prolific, it has its own Facebook page. The page's creator said she took action to get some action.

She got some on the Allentown side Monday as crews hauled away nearly a dozen tires, debris and some mattresses.

The city said it routinely cleans the area, but the dumpers keep dumping.

Bethlehem said it, too, is taking steps to address the dumping issue on its side of the road.

"I think it's disgusting," said Susan Bachman, who has lived at Woodland Manor, just off of Central Boulevard in Bethlehem, for 24 years.

Manager David Rodriguez said the dumping is having an impact on the complex. Dumpers who can't get rid of their trash on the road are putting it in complex dumpsters.

"We have had to beef up security a bit, add some license plate cameras to the property so that we can catch cars coming in and out who are in fact dumping," said Rodriguez, who noted that the complex has caught several illegal dumpers.

Residents have been told to keep an eye out.

Both Allentown and Bethlehem said they routinely clean up illegal dumping, and there are resources for people to get rid of their trash legally.

Residents said they hope if enough people get busted illegally dumping, others will think twice before they do it.