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Energy audit saves the lives of Allentown family

Published On: Mar 28 2014 04:54:50 PM EDT

Carbon monoxide is called the invisible killer for a reason.

You can't smell it, taste it or see it.

One Allentown family managed to escape its clutches just in the nick of time.


March 11 was almost a deadly day for the Padro family of Allentown.

Roger Padro had just gone to bed when his daughter Ivette woke him up with news the carbon monoxide detector in the basement was beeping.

"I didn't hesitate. I came down to hear it and that's when it went off," said Padro.

The Padro's called the fire department, put on their coats and waited outside for help.

"The fire department came in and brought in a meter and the meter was going off the wall," said Padro.

The detector was put in just two weeks before as part of PPL's winter relief assistance program.

Energy auditors like Rich Lechner visit participating homes to check electric usage and to see if energy efficiency measures are needed.

PPL says about two-thirds of program participants have combustible appliances like furnaces, hot water heaters and gas stoves.

"So we do install carbon monoxide detectors as a safety measure. And in this case really it paid huge dividends. Life saving dividends," said PPL Spokesman Joe Nixon.

The winter relief assistance program runs year round and does have eligibility requirements.

But PPL says it has other programs available and can do an energy audit for any customer who asks.

Padro says he is glad he had PPL do the audit.

He says it saved his family's life.

"Something that you think that you are never going to use or never gonna happen things do happen. Thank God I was ready," said Padro.