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EMS week spotlights those who save lives

Published On: May 24 2013 11:25:47 PM EDT   Updated On: May 27 2013 08:43:49 PM EDT

EMS week spotlights those who save lives


This week many are honoring the men and women who dedicate their lives to saving others.

The goal of National Emergency Medical Services Week is to highlight a day of an EMS worker and possibly find more people to join the ranks.

At any moment these workers for the East Allen Township Ambulance Corps, in Northampton, could be called into action.


“The tones drop and depending on what type of call it is we react differently,” said Joseph Light. "You plan ahead and you think about what you're going to do with the call, how you're going to help the patient.”

There is a big difference between the East Allen Township crew and a lot of other EMS crews.

“We are made up of all volunteers from all spectrums of life, all ages," said Michele Morrow, group president. "We go from 16 to 60.”

So if they are not getting a check, why do they keep doing it?

“It's something that gets in your blood,” said Derrell Kutz.

Many say it's to help the community.

“You don't want someone that is looking for the energy, for the adrenaline because it's not the kind of person that is going to remain calm,” said Matthew Morrow.

These workers say they have become a family.

Well actually many are family.

Some joined the corp together, and others did not.

“We jokingly say we've had families created here," added Michele Morrow. "We've had young couples meet here.”

They all know the goal is to save lives.

And many have seen everything from nose bleeds to fatal accidents.

The money to keep the East Allen Township Ambulance Corp. running comes from federal grants and community donations.

“It helps you to appreciate life a whole lot more," added Kutz. "Especially when you have the opportunity to save someone's life or have a hand in saving someone's life.”

Now all they need is more people to join them in lending a helping hand.