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Easton shoots down chicken idea

Published On: Oct 09 2013 12:08:40 AM EDT

Pleas to allow chickens to take roost in the city did not fly Tuesday night when Easton City Council let the idea die a quiet death.

A small but passionate group had argued over the last month or so that the city’s ordinance should be changed. The ordinance bans chickens from the city.

At the tail end of council’s conference meeting Tuesday, council members agreed that changing the ordinance was for the birds.


At least that summed up what councilwoman Elinor Warner thought.

“I’d like to never discuss it again,” she said.

Councilman Roger Ruggles said his research on chickens revealed there is an unintended consequence to having them around.

“Chickens draw predators and you can’t control that,” he said. He said chickens may be protected while in their chicken coops but predators who are drawn to the area may then attack cats and dogs.

Councilwoman Sandra Vulcano said there was another concern about chickens, which she said “are only good for so many years laying eggs.”

Mayor Sal Panto Jr. was not swayed either.

“I’m not in favor of changing the ordinance,” the mayor said.

Councilman Ken Brown agreed.

“I think the ordinance the way it’s set right now is really in the best interest of everyone,” Brown said.