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Catasauqua School Board approves change in grading scale

Published On: Aug 06 2013 10:08:11 PM EDT

After yearlong review, the Catasauqua School Board has approved a change to its grading scale for the 2013-2014 school year.

School Board member David Spangler presented the final changes to the board.

In previous school years, a 93 percent and above achieved an A. In the new grading system, a 90 percent and above will designate an A.


A grade of 59 percent and below will be an F. The changes were made to provide consistency within the district and align with other school districts and colleges in the area.

Providing consistency in the grading system was a top issue in the district's needs assessments report.

The system will be used for grades 1 through 12, and kindergarten will remain on the O (Outstanding), S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory) scale.

There will be no changes to the district's honor roll system.

Currently, Catasauqua students who achieve a grade point average of a 93 percent and above will earn the distinguished honor roll award, as long as they have no individual class grades that are below an 84.

Students with a grade point average of 87 or above, with no grades below an 84 will receive honor roll distinction. Catasauqua's honor roll criteria are stricter than many other school districts in the area who award honor roll distinctions on grade point average alone, without requirements for quarterly class grades.

The awards are granted at the end of every marking period.

In the past, there had been complaints from students who had earned a grade point average of 93 or above, even with a grade below an 84, and felt that they had still earned honor roll distinctions.

The board considered those complaints and decided against changing their criteria.

Catasauqua students are also eligible for National Honor Society at the high school level.

All students with a grade point average above 90 percent receive this honor and the requirement is set by the national charter of the honor society. Catasauqua School District does not impose any of their own requirements on top of the national charter and this will also not change with the update to the district grading scale.