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Bethlehem Area School Board sees changes after elections

Published On: Nov 19 2013 12:26:17 AM EST   Updated On: Nov 19 2013 12:59:46 AM EST
Bethlehem Area School Board

 Bethlehem Area School District bade farewell to three board members at its meeting Monday night.

Aurea Ortiz, Irene Follweiler and William Burkhardt vacated their seats this past election after several years on the board.

“I truly believe in term limits,” Follweiler said. “Six years is sufficient to make your statement and then let someone else move in.”


After receiving flowers, cupcakes and other gifts, the exiting board members shed some light on their years of service on the board.

“There’s lots of things that I wasn’t able to do and I would like to see, but I know that in the future someone will be sitting here fighting for those things too,” Ortiz said. “I want to see more Hispanic students in AP courses, early childhood education implemented… those are dreams that I still have. Thank you all for coming together and understanding that this is a diverse community. There is no other city like Bethlehem and it’s because it has all of us in it.”

Angela Sinkler and Roy Ortiz will be filling in two of the newly vacant seats. The other seat is still open and will be filled through appointment by the board. Applications for this Region Two position are being accepted until Monday, November 25th at noon.

The board also recognized 24 AP scholars from Freedom Area High School. The FHS AP Scholars who scored three or highger on three or more AP tests included: Larissa M.L. Costa, Kelly Mieko Curran, Jordan Jospeh Fodale, Connor L. Harrigan, Christopher Ryan Kelly, Priyanka S. Koti, Ellen M. Lee, Nicholas F. Mazzella, Nicole L. O’Connor, Daniel W. Pfaff, Laura N. Stammherr, Laura E. Taylor and Caroline R. Ytsma.

Eight FHS seniors earned “AP Scholars with Honor,” including Evan B. Anthony, Michael F. Bouchier III, Marissa E. Briggs, Joshua A. Friedman, Joshua L. Kapcsos, Emre Paul Shively-Ertas and Antonia M. Spadafora.

Three FHS seniors earned “AP Scholar with Distinction,” including Velisa C. Li, Michael R. Samuelson and John Lung Wiegand.