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Anonymous letter muddles Whitehall appointment deadlock

Published On: Feb 11 2014 10:02:36 AM EST
Whitehall Twp. commissioners 2-10-14 mtg

Several Whitehall Township commissioners received anonymous letters calling for the dismissal of candidate Richard Klock, one of nine applicants to fill the board’s remaining two-year vacancy.

The letters come at a time when the commissioners are at a complete impasse in the process of selecting an appointment, with a February 20 deadline rapidly approaching.

“As of this point we are deadlocked and we do not have [an appointment],” said Board President Linda Snyder, one of three recipients of the anonymous pleas.


The envelopes, addressed from “Citizens For Good Government, North Whitehall,” contained newspaper articles regarding a 20-year old investigation into Klock’s alleged involvement with a convicted cocaine dealer when Klock was a township patrolman.

Commissioner Clair Hunsberger, who first introduced the letter at this Monday’s board’s meeting, was singled out by name in one letter.

“WAKE UP CLAIR STOP THIS APPOINTMENT” wrote the anonymous sender.

The board, however, soundly denounced the community member’s attempts at persuasion.

“We won’t run away from anything controversial,” said Snyder. “When you get a letter from someone who did not even have the courage to sign it…you disregard it.”

“I think they’re a bunch of cowards [for] not putting their names on it,” said commissioner Hunsberger. He later stated that Mr. Klock had never been found guilty of any criminal involvement and was, in his opinion, the best person for the job.

Following the revelation of the letters at Monday’s meeting, Hunsberger proceeded to nominate Klock as the appointment, but the motion failed to carry with three dissenting votes.

For now the board deferred the decision.

They will meet next Monday, February 17th at 7 p.m. at the township office to once again deliberate on the decision.