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Mom who lost son to leukemia encourages Latinos to join registry

Published On: Aug 01 2013 11:06:04 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 02 2013 08:13:31 PM EDT

Mother remembers teen who lost battle with Leukemia

Angel Mojica, a Lehigh Valley teenager profiled on 69 News lost his battle with Leukemia on Saturday.

The 16-year-old had been battling the disease since he was 10 years old.

In February 2012, Angel received a much needed bone marrow transplant and was well for a while, according to his mother.


"As any parent, we hoped and we were waiting for the best to be cured" said mother," Brenda Sanchez.

However, nine months later Angel relapsed and was battling the cancer once again.

When doctors realized the severity of his condition, it was up to his mother to share the news that there was nothing more they could do.

“I told him, I'm sorry I'm so sorry. I had so much faith in that bone marrow transplant,” she told him.  “You might not live for a long time but we're going to try to make the best out of it and he looked at me and he said 'mommy, I know you tried, I'm ok...I'm ok'.”

Angel spent the last months of his life at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, returned home on July 21st per his request and passed away early Saturday morning.

Despite six long years of fighting, Brenda says Angel never lost his positivity nor his faith, now all Brenda says she can do is remind everyone especially other Hispanics the importance of becoming a bone marrow donor.

"We need to be more active, in bone marrow registry. Get registered, it doesn't hurt. and if you have questions ask someone," said Brenda.

Brenda also plans to create a foundation in Angel's name with the aims of offering support to other parents going through similar trials.

A celebration of life will be held in Angel's honor Friday from 6 to 9 pm at Connel Funeral Home in Bethlehem.

A mass will follow on Saturday morning at Holy Infancy Church.