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Amy Zandonella arrested after causing ruckus in Allentown Holiday Inn

Published On: May 16 2013 04:56:04 PM EDT

An intoxicated Orefield woman was arrested Tuesday night after causing a ruckus and resisting arrest in the Holiday Inn in center-city Allentown.

After being warned to cease and desist, 49-year-old Amy Zandonella allegedly fought with city police, resisted arrest, screamed and yelled profanities and disturbed patrons in the hotel bar and lobby.

Police described the suspect as "manifestly" under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Here's what happened, according to police:

At 8:27 p.m. Tuesday, police officers Ryan Koons and Alex De La Iglesia responded to a disturbance call in the Holiday Inn at 904 Hamilton St.

The hotel manager, J.R. Lebron, told police he was dealing with an intoxicated woman at the bar, adding she punched him in the chest when he asked her to leave.

The police officers entered the bar with Lebron and spoke with Zandonella. Koons reported she was visibly intoxicated, slurred her speech and smelled like alcohol.

When Koons advised the suspect to leave the bar with police so they could go to a quieter place to talk, she attempted to pick up her drink.  He put his hand on her wrist, told her she had enough to drink and that she could not carry a glass around after striking the manager. She put down the drink and accompanied police to the lobby.

But then she raised her voice, began yelling and cursing and attempted to enter an elevator. Koons grabbed her arm and said she could not go to her hotel room because the manager was evicting her. He explained they were trying to keep her from going to jail and would make arrangements to get her belongings. But Zandonella again attempted to enter the elevator.

Koons advised her she was under arrest. The two officers grabbed her arms. She yanked one arm away when Koons attempted to handcuff her and began to resist. She refused to be handcuffed or to follow their commands.

Police describe the suspect as five-feet-two-inches tall but weighing 190 pounds.

Koons tripped her to get her on the floor, where she was handcuffed. She got a bloody nose and a scraped chin from the fall.

When the patrolmen stood her up, at her request, she kneed De La Iglesia in the groin, ribs and stomach. When they took her back down to the floor, she dug her fingernails into De La Iglesia's arms and hands, breaking open his skin.

De La Iglesia put wrist locks on the suspect and Koons applied pressure behind her left ear "to keep her from scratching us and spitting blood on us."

Zandonella was transported to St. Luke's Hospital for treatment of her injuries

She was charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, defiant criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

Zandonella resides as 3252 Woodley Road in Orefield.