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Williams Township services tax to skyrocket next year

Published On: Oct 10 2012 11:38:59 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 11 2012 09:16:52 AM EDT
Williams Twp Supervisors

Williams Township Supervisors voted Wednesday night to raise their local service tax within the township from $10 to $52 per year.

Citizens of Williams Township, as well as those who work in the area, will be affected by the increase in 2013. The vote passed 2 - 1, with Sally Hixson being the only opposing vote.

Supervisor Vincent Foglia stated a tax increase is necessary within Williams Township because they have the lowest taxes in Northampton County, as a result "We have a very low reserve fund," said Foglia.


"To me, taxing people who work in this township, we're taxing the majority of people who make minimum wage or a little below," Hixson explained, "I have a problem with that."

The money collected from the increased local service tax will be placed into the general fund. A percentage of the overall revenue is required by state law to be designated for emergency services, public works, and lowering other taxes in the community.

"One way or another we have to raise taxes in this town," Foglia stated, adding the importance of building credit for the township. "This reserve fund needs to be built."

A public hearing was held about the issue prior to the vote.