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Watch 69 News on your phone, tablet

Published On: Sep 10 2012 05:25:09 AM EDT   Updated On: Sep 10 2012 03:12:58 PM EDT

Watch 69News on phone

You can now watch 69 News live... on your phone!

A new app for smartphones and tablets is making it possible to stream all of our newscasts wherever you go.

You don't ever have to miss another edition of 69 News again.

You can even watch the shows live while on the go.


It's all thanks to a new app called Syncbak.

And it's free to all iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

"It's really made for viewers of Channel 69 in our market, in our coverage area," said Barry Fisher, WFMZ-TV General Manager.

All you have to do is head to your phone's app store and download it.

Just search for Syncbak.

When you open it,  it may ask to use your current location.

Select OK.

The reason for this is that the app needs to know to find us in your location.

"It works within our coverage area," Fisher said. "And when you go outside of our area, it will work for a few hours."

Once you're in Syncbak, you can watch either WFMZ or our AccuWeather Channel.

" In addition, it has a built-in DVR so, if you missed a newscast at 6, you can call up the DVR and actually watch it later on.," Fisher added.

"And here is another convenient feature: You can hook your phone up to your TV and watch us that way.

All you need is an AV adapter that connects to your phone and an HDMI cable.

You can already stream 69 News on our website...
And you can check out our 69 News app on your smartphone.
Now.. this new app makes news truly mobile.

"If you are at a doctor's office or a meeting, waiting for tires to be changed at the auto store., put your earphone in, click up and watch the 6:00 news," Fisher said.

Because of its mobility, there *is* a slight delay in transmission.

"Another idea with Syncbak is to connect your phone to your car -- if that's doable --and listen live."

But drivers-- be careful-- don't be tempted to watch the shows.

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