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Visit a 'real' haunted house this Halloween season

Published On: Oct 08 2012 07:23:39 AM EDT

Check out local haunted houses


Forget all the staged haunted houses this fall. At least that's what one Lehigh Valley organization wants you to do. Instead, they want you to visit some 'real' haunted houses.

Orbs, voices, and footsteps. Local ghost hunters say these are all real things at the Wydnor Hall Inn in Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County.

Steve Werner, lead investigator with EVPs and formerly with the group PHEAR, said, "The evidence is pretty overwhelming, anywhere from orbs to EVPs, to shadows, disembodied voices."


The owner of the Wydnor Hall Inn, Kristina Taylor, said she's seen things too.

Standing in a second floor hallway, she explained, "I was standing right here in the doorway talking to someone on our staff, and looking towards that door, I saw suddenly the figure of a man flash." There are also rumors of a man in a tweed suit smoking a pipe and the image of a young girl, who is said to have drowned in the next door Black River.

It's stories like these and places like this that have prompted Discover Lehigh Valley to introduce a "Stay and Investigate" travel package.

Michael Stershic, president of Discover Lehigh Valley, said, "It's an opportunity for people to experience firsthand some paranormal activities around the Lehigh Valley."

More than 20 spooky spots are now involved, and some say the increase is thanks to popular TV shows. Last year, the Sun Inn in Bethlehem was featured on the SyFy hit show "Ghost Hunters."

"A couple of years ago it started getting bigger and bigger. Then when it hit mainstream here in Bethlehem, when the Sun Inn started doing tours, it just went through the roof," explained Werner.

The "Stay and Investigate" package is now in its third year, but Stershic says only in the past year or so has he been able to get a bigger number of local haunts to participate. Included in the package are inns, restaurants, historic sites, and more.

Taylor also says that she's seen more and more people asking about any paranormal activity at her inn. "One of the most frequently asked question is 'do you have a ghost?'" she said.