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Veteran's therapy dog goes missing

Published On: Mar 05 2014 05:05:03 PM EST   Updated On: Mar 06 2014 10:23:20 AM EST

Therapy dogs bring comfort to those who are dealing with all kinds of health issues.


Therapy dogs bring comfort to those who are dealing with all kinds of health issues.

One Northampton County veteran is frantic because his four-legged lifeline has gone missing.

Vietnam veteran John Wilkofsky wears dog tags around his neck, but they are not from his time serving as a door gunner with the 173rd Army Airborne Brigade.

The tags belong to his dog Casper.

"He is kind of my PTSD dog. I take him everywhere I go," said Wilkofsky.

Casper was named for Wilkofsky's helicopter platoon, which gave him the red lab three years ago.

Last Tuesday, Casper went AWOL while the pair were on a walk near Orchard Road in Upper Mount Bethel.

He didn't have his collar on because of an ear infection.

Wilkofsky hasn't seen him since.

"I searched and searched," said Wilkofsky."I have people out looking for him and putting up posters."

Wilkofsky says since Casper went missing, he has been at his wit's end and is talking to a psychiatrist to help him cope.

To Wilkofsky, Casper was more than just a therapy dog; he was the only way to deal with the pain of his past and look forward to the future.

"I miss him so damn much, he's my life," said Wilkofsky.

So much so that the idea of not seeing Casper again is unthinkable.

Wilkofsky is hoping someone will see Casper and the dozens of posters that have been put up.

Until that happens, Wilkofsky will continue his search.

"He's my boy," Wilkofsky said.

If anyone sees Casper, they can call Joyce at 908-334-8271