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South Side Bethlehem Task Force talks trash

Published On: Feb 26 2013 08:18:00 PM EST

The City of Bethlehem South Side Task Force discussed the trash hauling issue and the Lehigh University Clean Up day at its meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Bethlehem Health Director Kristen Wenrich, the final numbers are in regarding the single hauler issue in the city. Wenrich stated that the cost for a single hauler would be $197 per year for recycling and garbage. She said that this price would be guaranteed for three years.

“Garbage is a huge source of complaints within the city,” stated Wenrich. “This [single hauler option] won’t be an end all be all but it will help,” she continued.


When asked about penalizing a single hauler for not doing their job, Wenrich responded with saying that the City will put a clause on the contract regarding specific penalties.

Staying on the topic of the City’s trash, the Task Force discussed the upcoming Clean Up Day hosted by Lehigh University.

According to the Assistant Vice President of Community and Regional Affairs at Lehigh University, Dale Kochard, the Clean Up Day will begin at 8 AM at Campus Square. Kochard said that volunteers should be collecting trash in various neighbors by 9 AM.

Kochard informed the Task Force that the volunteers will not be cleaning up dumpsters this year and will only be focusing on sidewalk cleanup throughout the City.