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Republican presidential race far from over

Published On: Feb 05 2012 10:03:33 AM EST   Updated On: Feb 05 2012 10:23:43 AM EST

After a big victory in Florida Romney, has won again in the Nevada caucuses.

The victory in Nevada is Mitt Romney's second win in a row.  It appears he's in firm command of the state by state Republican Presidential nominating race.

Mitt Romney is building on his lead over Newt Gingrich.  It may look like Romney is the GOP's front runner to take on Obama in November, but some analysts say this race is far from over.

"It's impossible to think of Gingrich dropping out willingly," explained Alvernia University Political History Professor Tim Blessing.  "The only reason he drops out is if he has no money left at all."


In fact, Blessing tells us he doesn't think any Republican candidates will step out anytime soon.

"I would expect all four candidates to stay in until well just until it becomes impossible to stay in any longer," said Blessing.

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have pledged to keep fighting.  While Gingrich hopes to hang in the race until March where he thinks he can do well in the southern states.  Blessing says the knock-out blow to Gingrich could come on June 5th.  That's the day California votes.

"California has around 170 delegates and it's a winner take all state, so that could be the end."

He says if Romney wins there, most likely the nomination is his.

"Anything is possible in politics," said Blessing.

Blessing doesn't think any of the candidates have a good shot at beating Obama.  The Republican presidential nominee will be formally anointed at the party's convention in August.

"The Republicans would probably be best served by a deadlock convention which would lead to another candidate."

Caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado are on Tuesday.