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Preview: Gov. Corbett's budget to be proposed Tuesday

Published On: Feb 04 2013 08:51:46 PM EST

Preview: Gov. Corbett's budget to be proposed Tuesday

"I don't say this to scare people but the truth is municipalities fall like dominoes all across the board," Ed Pawlowski said.

The Allentown Mayor says it's the poison of out-of-control pensions costs.  It's a problem Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is expected to address for state employees in his 2013 budget proposal set for Tuesday.

But it's a problem Pawlowski feels should be handled at the municipal level too.

"I think could do both simultaneously if their was political will to do that," Pawlowski said.

Pawlowski isn't holding his breath..

Corbett, the prosecutor turned politician, is also expected roll out a long term path to improve state roads, bridges and mass transit systems.

"We'd sure like to see more money come into Allentown from the governor's budget but not optimistic," Allentown Superintendent Russ Mayor said.

Optimism Mayo says may come in the form of the state liquidizing its libations.

Corbett wants to cut ties with state liquor stores.

"The appeal to us is that money would go to education at least for the first 4 years," Pawlowski noted.

Some say linking a controversial issue like privatizing liquor with public education is a way for a Governor with low poll numbers to gain political ground.

"The public has been down on his programs that have cut education funding over the past few years.  How does he offset that?  He says 'I can get you more education funding but you have to go along with liquor store privatization'," political pundit Chris Borick said.


However Republican State Rep. Julie Harhart says the plan may not go down as easily as Corbett would like, even among Republicans.

"Because he has included beer distributors. A lot of members have beer distributors in their district and do not want to see them lose distribution centers," she told us from Harrisburg.

Will pension reform include cities?  Will liquor leave the states control?  Will Governor Corbett propose a budget that can pass on time.

All questions expected to addressed soon.