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Pawlowski says Allentown is on the right track

Published On: Jan 24 2013 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 25 2013 10:00:23 PM EST

Allentown's Mayor is promising no tax increases in his annual "State of the City" address.


Allentown's Mayor is promising no tax increases in his annual "State of the City" address.

But he admits the Queen City will have some obstacles to overcome in the year ahead.

Once again there is good news for residents in Allentown.


"Eight straight years of no tax increases," said Allentown Mayor, Ed Pawlowski.
Pawlowski also talked about five areas that will help Allentown improve.

"Good things don't happen by accident folks," said Pawlowski. "They happen because you prepare for success. They happen because you learn from every experience and because you develop plans and then you implement those plans."

Pawlowski says financial stability, redevelopment, blight elimination, economic development, and crime prevention are key.

"Over the last four years we have waged our attack on crime on many different fronts," added Pawlowski.

"It's a matter of perception in my mind," said Allentown resident Tom Mulderick. "There are crime statistics but we're the third largest city in the state."

Allentown residents say they do see crime going down in Center City.

And they say once the hockey arena is complete, they think more people will go downtown as well.

"I think it will bring a lot of work and a lot of motivation to people," said Angie Aguirre, who also lives in Allentown. "I believe that basically it will give not only the economy, but people something to look forward to."

"'The hockey arena has given us hope that it's going to improve and we'll have to wait and see which direction it goes," added Mulderick.

"We must consider our own abilities, our own creativity, confidence, determination and our vision," said Pawlowski.

According to the mayor of Allentown the future looks promising.

"Folks this is our city, this is our story and this is our time," added Pawlowski.