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Palmer Township Supervisors discuss digital billboard project

Published On: Dec 11 2012 12:04:35 AM EST

The Palmer Township Board of Supervisors approved a proposal presented by Adam’s Outdoor Advertising for a Digital Billboard RFP along Route 22.

The Township received 18 inquires regarding the proposal digital billboard project and five proposals. Township Manager Christopher Christman narrowed down the proposals to Lamar Outdoor Advertising and Adam’s Outdoor Advertising. After thorough review, Christman recommended the Board to approve the proposal from Adam’s Outdoor Advertising because they had the “most complete proposal of the five.”

“We are confident that we won’t disappoint you… this is what we do everyday,” commented representatives from Adam’s Outdoor Advertising present at the meeting.


Adam’s Outdoor Advertising stated that they “will hit the ground running” and after a lease agreement is negotiated they estimate the project will be finished within eight months. This estimation includes all engineering, installation, construction and permitting with PennDot.

“Once we break ground, it is finished within a week, weather permitting,” said Adam’s Outdoor Advertising representatives.

If the final lease agreement is approved by the Board, all maintenance and responsibility of the lot and billboard is left to Adam’s Outdoor Advertising.

The advertisements that will run on this digital billboard are automated and will include any Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, and Country-wide Safety Alerts when required.

After public comment showed concern of a digital billboard being distracting to motorists, Adam’s Outdoor Advertising stated that statistically digital billboard have proven to be safety neutral. Adam’s Outdoor Advertising will not be using any full motion video in their advertisements and will not include any lewd or immoral advertisements. They are receptive to the Township regarding any other restrictions on advertisements that the Board feels necessary.

Board President David Colver stated that this discussion would be brought back to the Board in late January of next year for further review.