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Not all local Hispanics impressed with Rubio's response

Published On: Feb 13 2013 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 13 2013 11:10:14 PM EST

Not all local Hispanics impressed with Rubio's response

Tuesday night's GOP response to the President's State of the Union address made headlines, but not in the way party leaders had hoped.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the first Hispanic-American to address the nation but it wasn't what he said that got the media's attention.

During his speech, Rubio experienced dry mouth and took a sip of water mid sentence while keeping his eyes glued to the camera.


"It was the most awkward think I'd ever seen in my life," said Kristina Gomez of Bethlehem.

However not everyone who saw it thought it ruined his chances to a bigger future.

"I love Marco Rubio, I think he's great, love him. Hope he's our next president," said Susan Scrima of Bethlehem.

Rubio also did a first in the nation's history by giving the response in English followed by an identical response in Spanish.

Nevertheless, the GOP's efforts to reach the Hispanic community may be falling on deaf ears, at least so far.

WFMZ stopped a number of Spanish speaking people on the streets of Bethlehem and Allentown, and not one person said they saw Rubio's response in Spanish, some said they didn't even know who Rubio was.

Even though they might not have tuned in, the appreciation for the historic moment is still there “I think it's a great idea, it's about time we have Latin people coming out and getting into politics, it's very good,” said Alberto Nieves of Bethlehem.

Turns out Spanish viewers weren't the only ones who missed out last night, a number of English viewers WFMZ spoke to also said they did not tune in to watch the State of the Union or the GOP's response.