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Neighbors react to possible meth lab bust

Published On: Mar 08 2013 10:41:52 PM EST

Neighbors react to possible meth lab


People living in one Bethlehem neighborhood say they are shocked after finding out police were going to raid a home that could have been a possible meth lab.

The only problem, there was an explosion in the home before police could serve the search warrant.

Neighbors tells us the owner, Elaine, used a wheelchair to get around and had some financial trouble.


They tell us she rented out rooms to people to make extra money.

Now her home is condemned.

For part of the day Friday, men in Hazmat suits collected a lot of evidence inside of 1965 Greenleaf Street in Bethlehem.

"I never thought this would happen in this neighborhood," said Tony Giannantonio, who lives down the street. "It's scary, very scary."

In a written statement, the Bethlehem Police Department, wrote an investigation into methamphetamine sales led to an individual inside the home.

Three hours before cops were supposed to serve the search warrant, an explosion.

Seven people went to the hospital, five in the home and two Bethlehem police officers.

One person was the owner.

"It's a shame, it's a shame," said another neighbor, Judy Hoffert. "She is a handicap woman. She is in a wheelchair half the time."

"It makes us nervous because we have young children in our home and I was aware that there has been drugs in this home," added another neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

The house has been boarded up and crime scene tape still drapes the from porch.

"I'm afraid of people maybe even coming after you. You don't know how deep this really was."

One neighbor says she is scared, but admits she was close to calling the police just a few months ago.

"What kept me from calling the police was that I really didn't have valid proof. I didn't want to make accusations.

Police haven't made any arrests in the case. They tell us if there are criminal charges they will announce that at a later date.

Neighbors react to possible meth lab bust