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Nazareth Area School District shows support for athletics and academics

Published On: Feb 25 2013 10:50:50 PM EST

It was standing room only at Monday night’s Nazareth area school board meeting. Proud parents, involved coaches and supportive teachers filled every seat, and then aisles, of the Walter L. Peters boardroom as the school board recognized the valiant Nazareth junior high wrestling teams and the writing successes of the kindergarten program.

Head coach Mike Herceg recognized each individual wrestler of the two junior high teams, announcing their names and achievements to the entire audience. Each wrestler was then given a team picture and a handshake from each of the school board members.

The junior high blue team won the 2013 District XI junior high championships. The white team placed nineteenth.


Grade school achievements were also recognized as Jane Meckes introduced her kindergarten student, Megan Frisch. Frisch read a passage she wrote in school about zebras, which had been printed in the Shafer Elementary School kindergarten class’s “Animal Magazine.”

Meckes spoke about the improved writing skills of her kindergarteners after the program was extending from half-days to full-days. Now that they have forty minutes a day, rather than fifteen, students have been able to write full sentences and paragraphs, like Frisch’s zebra passage.

Applause and warm sentiments were expressed when celebrating both athletic and academic achievements at Monday’s meeting.