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Macungie's emergency plan should be in place by end of year

Published On: Oct 02 2012 12:25:14 PM EDT

Macungie Councilmembers David Boyko, Macungie’s Emergency Management Coordinator, and Debra Cope said they hope to have the Borough’s Emergency Management Plan completed by year’s end.

It has not been updated since 2003, though it should be updated every two years.

According to Council President Jean Nagle, the Commonwealth can deny funding should Macungie need any following a disaster.


Boyko has been working on the plan for years, but claims council has blocked his attempts to gather the information needed to draft the plan. He also said requests for volunteers have gone unanswered, though Cope offered her help in September.

Several council members disputed his claims and accused him of neglecting his responsibilities with regard to the plan.

“I won’t be the fall guy,” Boyko said, and suggested reading the minutes from previous meetings. “The footprints are in the snow.”

Two residents, Tim Romig and Dorothy Kociuba, came to Boyko’s defense and said they witnessed stonewalling at past meetings.

Despite responding to their comments with a simple, “The past is in the past,” things escalated when Boyko accused Nagle of trying to look like a “princess” by avoiding blame for the current situation. He also referred to council as “you people” when saying they refused to cooperate with his efforts.