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Local cyclists have mixed reactions to Lance Armstrong's beomg stripped of Tour deFrance win

Published On: Oct 23 2012 09:29:27 AM EDT

Local cyclists have mixed reactions

So much for all of those yellow jerseys.

Lance Armstrong has been officially stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from cycling for life following doping allegations.

Local cyclists have mixed emotions about Monday's developments.


The races in 1999 through 2005 it will show no one won the Tour de France.

Some say it's a sad day in cycling and they wish Armstrong would say something regarding the charges.

It's not just the critics talking about Lance Armstrong.

Now one of the most decorated American cyclist has had his name erased from the record books.

"UCI will ban Lance Armstrong from cycling and UCI will strip him of his seven tour de France titles," said Pat McQuaid, president of the UCI. "Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling."

"It's sad for the entire cycling community and public in general," added John Helffrich, president of the Lehigh Wheelmen Association. "He's been such a hero to so many people."

The International Cycling Union made the decision to strip Armstrong of the titles Monday morning.

Helffrich says while his group is not  full of racers, many looked up to Armstrong.

"It hurts, I mean it's certainly not helpful to the community," added Helffrich.

This latest decision is a string of defeats for Armstrong.

No titles, no endorsements and he has stepped down as the head of the non-profit he founded, Livestrong.

Some wonder when Armstrong will address the doping allegations.

"If he was really being honest and above board, I think it would be nice if he came, and say everybody did this and now we are going to move forward," said Susan Moser, a Macungie resident.

"I'd like to see him admit it and come clean," added Helffrich. "But boy I guess it's anybody's guess at what's going to happen."

Many don't think it will stop younger cyclist from racing.

The UCI based their decision on the findings from the U-S Anti doping agency last month.