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Lehigh Valley Planning Commission discusses Allentown Waste and Energy Plant

Published On: Dec 20 2012 04:00:55 PM EST

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) opened their final meeting of the year by discussing the proposed Allentown Waste and Energy Plant.

According to the LVPC this plant will have dual purposes. It will serve as a waste facility as well as a power plant in the city of Allentown. The LVPC has reviewed multiple planning projects over the past few years to begin looking for energy sources aside from fossil fuels. This project is among the best proposed to the Commission for consideration.

The plant will be located in a 48,000 square feet building directly adjacent to the Allentown Sewer Plant. The LVPC felt this was the ideal location for this plant because it was not near a neighborhood or a park and it would easily be able to pull waste from the Sewer Plant.


The primary source of waste going to this facility to be transferred into energy is from the city of Allentown, however surrounding municipalities, such as Whitehall Township, inquired about sending their waste to the facility as well.

“The landfill charge is starting to exceed the collecting charge,” commented Mayor of Whitehall, Edward Hozza, Jr of his Township. “If we could redirect our waste to this facility it would drop our rates significantly,” he continued.

The LVPC will be looking further into the possibility of regionalizing this facility so that surrounding municipalities can send their waste there to be transferred into energy also.