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Lehigh County family still struggles with Hurricane Sandy damage

Published On: Feb 22 2013 10:27:57 AM EST   Updated On: Feb 22 2013 10:28:37 AM EST

Family still recovering from Hurricane Sandy damage



Their plight has proven to be a community project but will it be enough?

"It's my house, my kids home," an emotional Wendy Morrison said through tears.

But home is anything but sweet.

"Now there is water upstairs again. We don't get no monies and people have tried to help," she tearfully went on.

Since Hurricane Sandy her Germansville, Lehigh County home has been a disaster.

"Water came into the windows and on the floor,"

She says it suffered 125-thousand dollars in damage, including mold.

"Normal installation is pink mine is black," she explained.

A fight with the insurance company she says has yielded little. Only a fraction of the cost she says will be paid for and she has yet to receive that.

"It's hard because the kids have struggled so much. Struggled so much it's terrible," she went on to say.

Wendy and her 3 daughters, one of whom is immune compromised and suffers from brain tumors, another has Autism, are in temporary housing. Wendy says insurance will only pay until March 28.

But a bright spot is shinning through the storm. More than 70 volunteers from 10 different churches have been working to redo Wendy's home. Christine Pierce is leading the charge.

"If people can come they do. People have just volunteered their time and amazing things have happened.," Pierce said.

But will it be enough and in time for Wendy and her family?
She's hopeful but not certain and is warning everyone to know exactly what you're in for when disaster hits.

"It's all in the wording and everyone needs to be clear on who is going to pay for what and who is going to do what," she warned.

Donations to the Morrison Family Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund at New Tripoli Bank .