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Kimberly Velez wants back on Allentown City Council ballot

Published On: Mar 22 2013 12:36:13 PM EDT

A local woman who claims she was pressured to withdraw her petition to run for Allentown City Council says she will seek to have the withdrawal overturned.

Kimberly D. Velez, a manager of marketing and public affairs for Lehigh Valley Health Network, says she was contacted by Allentown-based attorney, Timothy Brennan, on Sunday, just a few days after filing her petition to run for the city seat.

Velez contends that Brennan identified himself as a representative for the Lehigh County Democratic Party and questioned her regarding her residency and the validity of the signatures on her petition. She says he advised her to drop out of the race in order to avoid a costly court hearing.


Velez says she filed to withdraw her petition the next day because she was financially unprepared to go to court over her petition and believed Brennan to be an official with the county.

Brennan tells 69 News he did contact Velez to discuss her filing, but says he did not claim he was with the county or the Democratic Party. He says he was following up on objections raised by a registered Democratic voter from the city of Allentown, whom he declined to identify.

Velez says she is seeking the help of a lawyer and plans to have her withdrawal overturned by proving she was coerced or pressured into withdrawing her petition. Velez hopes to use an email from Attorney Brennan in which he provided a withdrawal form for her, already filled out with her name, to submit to the voter registration office.

Brennan’s email read, “I am attaching the withdraw form. Could you please let me know when it has been filed?” Brennan says he doesn’t feel it was out of the ordinary to send the form to Velez as it is a standard state form.

As to Velez’s residency, though she previously listed an address in Salisbury Township as her residence, she says she’s now living with a cousin inside the city until she finds a home of her own.