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Jousting, crowns, hennins featured at Phoebe's Medieval Festival

Published On: Nov 12 2012 11:01:02 AM EST

Medieval Day at Phoebe


It was a day of lords and ladies at Phoebe Allentown.

A medieval festival featured sword fighting and jousting with a different kind of horse.

As lords and ladies put on their crowns and donned hennins, a jousting tournament was afoot.


"This is actually an extension of their exercise class," said Tracy Baciocco with Phoebe Allentown.

A class that involved wheel chair battles didn't end until someone lost their noodle.

"You gotta knock the other person's sword aside and then stab them with yours, or you hit them on the head," said Phoebe resident Ellsworth Pieffer.

The day was filled with exercise, jabbing and stabbing.

Even the damsels got in on it, fighting for the affection of a handsome prince.

When the champions were crowned, the merriment began.

The medieval festival was a little physical and a lot of fun.

"They love to see the staff acting up so it's just a fun time to get them to move," said Baciocco.

Next year there is talk of turkey legs at the feast.