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Flailing woman hits officer in face during arrest, police say

Published On: Mar 11 2013 04:53:15 PM EDT

A woman hit a police officer in the face with her elbow as she was being handcuffed after a row with family members, officials said.

Cynthia Berry hit Ofc. Kevin Jones, who was arresting her after she threw an empty PlayStation video game box at her son and flipped over a table in the kitchen of their home at 38 Kline St., Bangor, Northampton Co., at about 8:15 p.m. Friday, officials said.

Berry's son told police earlier that his mother was intoxicated and harassing him and his grandmother, and that Berry hovered over his grandmother's bed and called her names, officials said.


Jones was trying to get out his Taser when a flailing Berry hit him in the face, officials said.

Berry was so unruly that police officers from Roseto, Washington Township and Pen Argyl were called in for backup, and when Berry was put in a Roseto police car, she kicked the windows and banged her head against the metal cage separating the front and back seat, officials said.

Berry ultimately had to be transferred to another patrol car, officials added.

Berry, 42, was arraigned on charges of assaulting an officer, simple assault and harassment and committed to the Northampton County Prison on $7,500 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. March 18.