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End of the World: Scientist: No sneak attack by meteoroid headed here

Published On: Dec 18 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 20 2012 05:56:39 AM EST

End of the World: No sneak attack by meteoroid headed here

As December 21st draws closer, galactic "end of the world" scenarios keep growing on the Internet.

While there is some science behind the rumors, it's mostly just science fiction.

If galactic end of the world theories are correct, the Star Trek phrase "Space, the final frontier," would take on new meaning.


In season three of the iconic series, Captain Kirk and crew are confronted by a huge asteroid.

Some people believe December 21st is shaping up to be like the "The Paradise Syndrome" episode with an asteroid or rogue planet known as Nibiru on a collision course with earth.

Only we haven't invented a laser beam that can deflect a mamma jamma that big.

"All of those theories are pretty much nonsense," said Dr. Ginny McSwain of Lehigh University.

McSwain is among the thousands of scientists who watch the night skies for changes.

McSwain says there is no such thing as a sneak attack when it comes to the universe.

If something catastrophic was heading our way, scientists would see it coming for months to years.

She says eventually you'd also be able to see it with the naked eye.

"There are probably some massive things in the outer part of the solar system that we have not discovered but they are in orbit around the sun. Every few years there are comets that come close to the sun and they may do near fly by's of the earth," said McSwain.

Bear in near fly-by McSwain is talking about millions of miles away.

The bottom line: we are safe from this latest round of Internet scare tactics surrounding galactic threats.

But in the coming years, get ready for a new round of scare tactics.

Solar storms that could impact the earth's magnetic field and cause catastrophic power outages.

Scientists say there's only a one percent chance we will have a storm of that magnitude as the sun hits its peak solar cycle in 2013.

But like Captain Kirk and his crew, scientists are working on discovering ways to prevent the end of the world as we know it.