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Eagles trying to prevent losing 7 straight

Published On: Nov 26 2012 10:57:42 PM EST

These are trying times for Eagles fans.  The Birds are battered, and local fans Monday night said, it's time for a change.  Many said, after 13 years, head coach Andy Reid should step aside.  And most have one man in mind to replace him.

"Season's been miserable," said fan David Hoff.  "Miserable for me!"

Bringing a dismal 3-7 record and a battered offense into Monday night's matchup against the Carolina Panthers, fans said this is the worst they've ever seen it.


"It's been a pretty rough season, but I'm very optimistic and I'm a die hard Eagles fan," said Deyna Phillips.

Most fans at Bethlehem's Starter's Riverport sports bar said it's time for Reid to step aside.

"Offensive line is horrible, play calling is horrible, Andy Reid has got to go," said fan David Etheridge.

Phillips added: "Right now, we need some changes, so if he has to go, it is what it is."

But at least one Reid supporter said, the changes must go deeper than that.

"In all honesty, he's just one man," said Hoff.  "He's the coach, so you can't put the blame strictly on him."

If Andy goes, who should replace him?  Lots of fans like Jon Gruden, the former Tampa Bay coach calling   Monday night's game for ESPN.  Many fans like his strong defensive coaching background.

"I like him; I like his style," said Phillips. "I think he's a hard-nosed coach, and I think that's what the Eagles need right now."

Etheridge echoed that sentiment.

"I think he can get the most out of our players," he said.  "I think he can just get the most out of our players as a coach."

This is really bittersweet for fans.  A lot of them feel a personal connection to Andy Reid, but most of them now say the coach has got to go.