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DeSales students provide medical help while getting a degree

Published On: Feb 21 2013 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 22 2013 06:24:44 AM EST

It's a way to teach students and heal people without health insurance.


It's a way to teach students and heal people without health insurance.

The DeSales University free clinic has been operating for six years and patients are calling it a lifesaver.

Close to 50 physicians and physicians assistants go to the Allentown Rescue Mission every Tuesday and Thursday.


The goal is to provide medical care for the homeless.

“It's a win-win situation where the DeSales clinic students get the on-the-job training, plus it gets the clients who don't have access to medical care the care that they need,” said Robert Romig, Allentown Rescue Mission.

The clinic is for any former or current resident of the shelter.

“I would probably be very sick and lost," said Robert Murray, a patient. "Mostly likely probably wind up dead.”

Murray is being treated for high blood pressure.

He says it was very high but now is at a normal level thanks to the free clinic.

Murray is just one of the many stories of people who have received treatment.

"I didn't go into medicine personally so I could make a lot of money and be famous," said Corinne Feldman, from DeSales University. "I went into taking care of people because I love people.”

Not only are they taking care of people; the DeSales students will get a degree in nursing or go on to complete studies in other fields of medicine.

“The students have real opportunity to meet real patients who have significant problems," said Feldman. "Those who maybe never had an opportunity to have a good relationship with a medical provider before.”

Now the men have a place to get help.

Each person can get medicine, screening for high blood pressure and testing for diseases like HIV and hepatitis.