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Breweries in Pennsylvania have doubled

Published On: Jan 27 2013 06:20:51 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 28 2013 08:06:27 AM EST

Brew Boom in PA


For 18 years Weyerbacher Brewing Company has called Easton home. They brew more than 20 styles of beer each year, and you can find them in 18 states.

"If you don't like this beer likelihood is you might like that one, or that one, there's just so much variety," explained Bill Bragg with Weyerbacher Brewing Company.

They make craft beer. It's a growing sector of the beer industry pushing the number of breweries in the U.S. higher than ever before. It's the same here in PA.


"They want to know who their brewer is," shared Troy Reynard with Two Rivers Brewing Company. "They want to know where it's made, people love to come on tours."

Two Rivers Brewing Company is brand new to the world of microbrews. The restaurant opened in December, but work is still being done on the brewery.

"The brewery should come online sometime around the end of March with the beer flowing in April." said Reynard.

Even with so many brewers pouring onto the market, craft beer only counts for about 6% of sales. The market is dominated by big corporate breweries.

"I think craft brewers, especially locally, are more collaborative then competitive, we know the big fight isn't between each other," added Reynard. "The big fight is getting those drinkers from Bud, Miller Coors to appreciate a much better product that's made closer to home."

Both companies say they work together to promote craft beers and help each other out as much as they can.

"We're spreading the word about really great beer, giving people the chance to try something new instead of the same darn drink every single day," smiled Bragg.

Lehigh Valley Beer Week kicks off in February and it's a great chance to explore the beers being brewed locally.