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Bethlehem's Halloween haunts: with an historic twist

Published On: Oct 03 2012 10:35:46 AM EDT   Updated On: Oct 03 2012 10:36:06 AM EDT

Death and Dying Cemetery tour


You can get in the Halloween spirit, in an historic way. "The Death and Dying Cemetery Tour" is being offered by Historic Bethlehem Museums and Sites. It's not as grim as it sounds, it's all about exploring the roots of Bethlehem.

The tour starts out at the Moravian Museum , which is in the 1741 Gemeinhaus, the oldest existing building in Bethlehem.

In the museum you will see mourning jewelry, a dead tray, and hear the sounds of the brass choir, which sounded when someone died. These traditions date back to the 18th century.


The tour finishes in God's Acre, which is Bethlehem's oldest cemetery. You'll see graves and hear stories of prominent citizens, including James Burnside, Dr. Otto, and Julianna Nitschmann.

Historic Bethlehem Museums and Sites says everything on the tour is factual and it's not meant to be a spooky tour, but rather a unique glimpse into history.

Tours are offered Wednesdays through Sundays at 3 p.m.

Ticket and other information is available at